Having Problem With Big Blocks?
We Got You Covered!

Working on the BSV blockchain is the only choice for the developers who really want to use blockchain as a technology. The fact is, BSV is an immutable database suited for different types of data, and people understand that. As a result, the size of its database is growing fast. This situation is causing problems for companies like Coinomi and Blockchair, two of many businesses that do not care about BSV since it is only one of many coins they support.
But we care! we are a company that invested its resources in providing BSV-based solutions. So, we saw an opportunity and came up with a solution. Why? Because we knew how to design a horizontal system that scales as BSV grows.

What is Bitails?

From a Client's point of view, Bitails is just a simple Indexer that connects services to the BSV blockchain through an API. So far, nothing exciting, right?

But Bitails is built to scale. It means Bitails can continue providing the service as the network grows. Let's explain it better by some numbers!

The current Bitails infrastructure handles up to 5K (soon it will be 10K) Sustained TPS on the BSV network in real-time.

No limitation in providing data (try getting an address with 250K UTXOs from an API to see what it means)

Bitails can work with billions of transactions when the BSV database gets bigger (currently, approximately 1.2 billion transactions are stored on BSV, but this number is going to increase exponentially, and this is where a reliable service comes in handy)

Bitails database structure is suitable for every application. Give it a try, and don't hesitate to contact us with your comments, requests, feature suggestion, or even to say hi. We would love to hear from you!

About Us

Bitails is a product of Omegachain Information Technology LLC, a software company based in Dubai that is working on blockchain-based projects. The team has worked together since 2016 and started focusing on BSV in 2019. We founded OmegaChain in 2020 and registered the company in 2022, which currently holds the intellectual property rights of Koalament, Upfile, and Zixo as well. Bitails' main priority is to help projects and developers to continue building on BSV. The service is free to use for now and will stay that way for small startups and individuals who are not capable of paying the fees.

Contact Info

Can't wait to hear from you, contact us via:
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